I have an issue with my merchandise order, who do I contact?

You can email beartooth@absolutemerch.com for all your customer service needs if you ordered from this website. If you ordered merchandise from a third party vendor such as Impericon, EMP, or 24Hundred, you must contact their customer service teams.

I'm a freelance photographer, can I take photos at your next show?

Due to the volume of requests we recieve, we can not accommodate unsolicited requests for photo passes. We typically work with photographers we know or established photographers on assignment from legitimate media outlets. If you are on assignment, please have the publication contact our publicists.

Can I propose to my girlfriend/boyfriend during a set?

Unfortunately not. Due to the volume of requests we receive and strict time constraints, this is not something that we can accommodate.

When are you coming to my area for a concert?

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How do I get in touch for publicity purposes?

All U.S. publications can reach out to Amy Sciaretto from Atom Splitter P.R. at amy@atomsplitterpr.com while U.K. publications can reach out to Emma Van Duyts from Public City P.R. at em@publiccitypr.com